Sunday, 7 July 2013

Script for Baby Goat Latex Puppet

Hi everyone! I would like to share this short script with you, this script can be used with the Professional Latex baby goat puppet. You can edit it and use it according to your requirements. I hope it would be helpful . 

Professional Baby goat latex puppet


  1.  Narrator
  2.  Mother Goat
  3.  Little Goats
  4.  Wolf
  5.  Smallest Goat


 Narrator: One day mother goat had to go out to get some food for her

 Mother Goat: Don´t open the door for anybody, only for me. Be very careful
 of the wolf lurking out there.

 Narrator: After their mother left home, the wolf knocked at the door.

 Little Goats: Who is it?

 Wolf: (imitating mother´s voice) It´s me, your mother. Open the door.

 Narrator: The smallest goat who was very clever said...

 Smallest Goat: Our mother has the sweetest voice in the world. You are the

 Narrator: After a while the wolf knocked again, and now his voice was very
 sweet. But the smallest goat didn`t trust him, opened the door just a
 little, and said...

 Smallest Goat: Show us your paws.

 Narrator: When the little goats saw the wolf´s black paws they closed the door immediately and said:
 Little Goats: Your´re not our mother! She has white paws! You're the wolf!

 Narrator: The wolf ran to get some flour to put it in his paws, but in his
 running he fell to the river and started drowning.

 Wolf: Help me! Someone, get me out of here, please! I don´t know how to

 Narrator: Mother goat was walking by, and said.

 Mother Goat: We will help you, if you promise not to eat us.

Narrator: The wolf made a promise. Then mother goat and the little goats
 threw him a rope until he was out out of the water.

 Wolf: Thank you very much, you saved my life.

 Narrator: Mother goat was glad because the little goats were careful and
 they went back home happy. The Wolf learned a valuable lesson in humility.

 The End

 Author:  Aesop Fable

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