Saturday, 6 July 2013

Professional Baby Goat Latex Puppet (With Photos)

Hi Everyone! today I would like to introduce you to Maat, my baby goat latex puppet. Maat is a really cute character, especially loved by kids, I have used it in many of my own shows and it always got a laugh.
Baby Goat Latex Puppet
Baby goat latex puppet

Baby Goat Professional Puppet
Baby goat professional puppet

Baby goat puppet for performers and ventriloquists

Maat the kid has a latex face and hooves. Latex horns and eyelashes can be included at no extra charge. The zipper at the bottom is a great feature for cleaning this puppet and extending its use. Petting a baby goat is always very enjoyable but making it talk brings me greater joy. This is a wonderful puppet to use for interacting with your audience.
For more details about baby goat puppet and photos please go to : All Pro Puppets Website

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