Monday, 29 July 2013

Puppet Script: King and the Wise Man


  • King
  • Servant
  • Witch
  • Guard
  • Wiseman




Narrator:  Once upon a time there was a king who dreamed that he had lost all his teeth.  When he woke up he told one of his servants.


King: Oh, I had a terrible dream!  Well, it was really a nightmare!


Servant:  What was it about?


King:  I dreamed that I lost all my teeth!… I wonder what it means.


Servant:  Your majesty, if you want to, I can tell the witch from the forest to come and give you an interpretation of your dream.


King:  Go to her house and tell her to come right away.  I am really worried.


Servant:  I will be right back.


Narrator:  The servant went to the witch`s house and told her about the king`s dream.  When she went to the palace she said.


Witch.  Oh, how unfortunate you are, King!


King:  Why? 


Witch:  Each fallen tooth represents the death of one of your relatives, your majesty.


King:  Then… I will be left alone.


Witch. Yes, your majesty.  You will be all alone…


King:  What an insult!  How do you dare to tell me such a thing! Get out of here!…


Witch:  But…


King:  Guard! 


Narrator:  When the guard entered the room, the king said.


King:  Take this woman to jail. And never let her out!


Guard:  Yes, your majesty.


Narrator:  The guard and the witch left the room.  Meanwhile the king told his servant.


King:  Who will help me now?  She was my only hope.


Servant:  No, your majesty, I can still bring the wisest man from the kingdom.


King:  Very well, I hope he can help me.


Servant:  I will be right back.


Narrator:  The servant went to the house of the wiseman and told him about the king`s dream.


Wiseman:  Take me to the King.  I know exactly what his dream means.


Servant:  Let`s go.


Narrator:  When the wiseman was at the palace, he said.


Wiseman: Oh, happiness is waiting for you, your majesty!  Your dream means that you will live longer than all of your relatives.


King:  Then I will live many, many years?


Wiseman:  Yes, your majesty, you will even outlive all your relatives. Long Live the King!


King:  I am really pleased with your interpreatation!  That is really good news… Guard come here!


Narrator:  The guard entered the room and he said.


Guard:  Should I take him to jail, your majesty?


King:  On the contrary, give this man a hundred gold coins!


Wiseman:  Oh, thank you! 


King:  You deserve it!   Now I am completely sure that you are the wisest man in my kingdom… guard, escort him to the palace gates.


Guard:  Come with me, Sir.


Narrator:  When the wiseman and the guard left the room the servant was outside listening to whole conversation, then he said.


Servant:  It`s not possible!  The witch told him the same thing you did.  Both of you made the same prediction… but she was sent to jail… and you received a hundred gold coins. I can`t believe it!


Wiseman:  Remember, my friend, that all depends on the way you say things… there is a great difference in how you delivered the message.   One of the great challenges of mankind, is to learn how to communicate.


Narrator:  And the wise man left the palace with a hundred gold coins.


The End


Author:  Unknown

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