Monday 8 July 2013

A Boy and the Dragon puppet script

Hi, Hope you all had a great weekend. Today I would like to share another puppet script with you, it involved a Dragon, King, his daughter and a peasant boy. This script can be used with a variety of puppets, you can use the dragon latex puppet from all pro puppets in this script.

  • Narrator
  • Phillip
  • Mary
  • King
  • Village Mayor
Dragon latex puppet
Dragon from the old castle


Narrator: Once upon a time a long time ago in a land far, far away, a small village had finished the harvest and began to celebrate. Thanks to the abundant harvest there was much food and drink. There was music and dancing. A boy named Phillip was the strongest and most handsome in the village and the girls stood in line to dance with him. But late in the evening, a new girlcaught his eye.

Phillip: (to audience) Who is she?

Narrator: But nobody recognized her. But that didn’t stop Phillip He asked her to dance. She was as smitten with him as he was with her.

Phillip: What’s your name?

Mary: I am Mary.

Phillip: You’re not from around here, are you?

Mary: No.

Phillip: Where are you from?

Mary: From somewhere else.

Narrator: They danced every dance without resting for the rest of the night. And they fell in love. Suddenly, there was a loud thundering of horses’ hoofs outside.

Mary: (nervous) I must leave.

Phillip: No, stay. The music is still playing! Let’s dance!

Narrator: Suddenly, all the doors in the room were kicked open at once and soldiers with swords and spears rushed toward Phillip and Mary. Then, everyone in the room bowed down.

Phillip: What’s going on?

King: Take your hands off my daughter!

Narrator: The soldiers pulled Phillip away from Mary and threw him to the floor, then they pointed their swords and spears at his face.

Mary: (crying) Father, please, don’t hurt him!

Narrator: Phillip was confused.

Phillip: The king is your father?!

Narrator: The king didn’t let Mary answer. He pointed his finger at Phillip’s nose and shouted.

King: You stay away from my daughter!

Phillip: But… I want to marry her!

King: (laughing) You think I would let a peasant boy, a farmer, marry my daughter?!

Phillip: Why not?… I love her and she loves me.

King: Silly boy! A princess can’t marry a common person. A princess may only marry a nobleman or a knight or a rich man!

Narrator: Then the king grabbed Mary by the arm and pulled her toward the door.

Phillip: (shouting) Your majesty, if I become rich, may I have your daughter’s hand in marriage?

Narrator: The king stopped and turned. He stroked his chin and smiled and said.

King: I tell you what. There are millions of dollars worth of gold and jewels in the treasury at the old castle. If you go there and return the crown jewels to me, you may keep the rest of the gold and jewels and you may marry my daughter.

Phillip: That’s what I’ll do then! King: (laughing) We’ll see, we’ll see!

Narrator: Then the king and the princess left with the soldiers and rode away. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. All eyes turned toward Phillip.

Phillip: Why is everybody looking at me?

Village Mayor: Do you realize what you just said?

Phillip: What? Village Mayor: You just told the king you would go to the old palace and bring back the royal treasure.

Phillip: Sounds easy to me.

Village Mayor: Do you know why the king abandoned the old palace?

Phillip: Why? Village Mayor: Because a dragon built his nest there!

Phillip: A dragon?! Why would the king send me after the royal treasure if he knew there was a dragon living there?!

Village Mayor: Because he doesn’t want you to marry his daughter. He wants the dragon to breathe fire upon you!

Narrator: Phillip stood up, dusted himself off and walked toward the door.

Phillip: I don’t care, I love Mary. And I’m going to do everything I can to marry her, even if it kills me!

Narrator: The next day Phillip started out toward the old palace. Then, he found out that just getting there was no easy trip. It was a hundred miles away, over snow covered mountains and dangerous rivers.

Phillip: (talking to himself) I have to go on, even if I didn´t bring winter clothes.

Narrator: So, by the time he climbed to the top of the snow covered mountains he was freezing to death. As he began climbing down the other side of the mountain, he fell and his body rolled and rolled and rolled down the mountain. But he didn’t feel a thing. He was knocked out by the fall. He didn’t wake up until he rolled into an ice cold river.

Phillip: Ouch! I am too weak and cold to swim. I have to just let the roaring water sweep my body along.

Narrator: When Phillip was sure he would drown or freeze to death, the icy river emptied into an even faster moving river.

Phillip: Oh no! I lost the sword I brought to slay the dragon. Now I will be defenseless against the dragon. But at least this river had warmer water.

Narrator: After a few minutes, Phillip’s body warmed up andhe was able to swim and stay afloat. He swam to the other sideof the river and hauled himself out of the water.

Phillip: Now I see the high stone walls of the castle.

Narrator: He also saw patches of the green grass that had been blackened by the firey breath of the dragon.

Phillip: (astonished) These must be the skeletons of the men who died trying to capture the king’s treasure.

Narrator: Suddenly, Phillip heard the loud thumping and swishing of the dragon’s huge wings.

Phillip: I must find cover in a hollow log!

Narrator: The hollow log caught fire but Phillip was unharmed.

Phillip: I have to wait here until the sounds of the dragons wings fade away.

Narrator: Then he crawled out of the hollow log and watched it burn as he thought and thought of a way to get by the dragon and get to the treasure without being burned to a crisp.

Phillip: I must find out where the dragon’s nest is! Wait, was is that over there? It´s the treasury, where the king’s treasure is stored.

Narrator: Next, Phillip borrowed a scarecrow from a nearby corn field. In the darkest part of the night he sneaked the scarecrow inside the palace and up to the top of the wall opposite the treasury in plain site of the dragon.

Phillip: What´s this? I found a barrel! I will cut the top off the barrel and I will sneak it up as close to the dragon as possible.

Narrator: Then he climbed into the barrel and fell asleep. Next morning he was awakened by the loud thumping and swishing of the dragon’s huge wings. As expected, when the dragon awoke, he thought the scarecrow on the palace wall was a man. He flew toward the scarecrow at top speed.

Phillip: Now that the dragon is not watching me, I will quickly climb out of the barrel and carry it to the treasury.

Narrator: He opened the double doors to the treasury and carried the barrel inside just as the scarecrow was burning to a cinder. Then, he stepped out of the treasury and shouted.

Phillip: Hey, dragon, over here. Come and get me.

Narrator: Hearing that, the dragon turned and flew at top speed toward the treasury as Phillip dived out of sight into the treasury. When the dragon landed and poked his head through the treasury doors, Phillip covered the dragon’s head with the barrel. When the dragon breathed fire, the barrel directed the fire at the dragon himself. The dragon burned himself to a crisp.

Phillip: It´s all over. I will return home and ask the king for the hand of Princess Mary in marriage.

King: Absolutely not! I told you, a Princess may only marry a nobleman, a knight or a rich man. You are a peasant.

Phillip: Not anymore!

Narrator: He clapped his hands and his servants brought in a wooden treasure box. Phillip opened the treasure box and show the king the crown jewels.

King: Where did you get that?

Phillip: Where you sent me. The old palace.

King: But what about the dragon?!

Phillip: I slayed the dragon. And now I am a very rich man.

Princess Mary: (enters stage and hugs Phillip) Thank you for what you did for me!

Narrator: Church bells rang and choirs sang as the king dubbed Phillip to be a knight in shining armor and then the king immediately gave Phillip the hand of Princess Mary in marriage. And they all lived happily ever after.

Courtesy: Kidsinco

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