Thursday, 5 December 2013

How to write scripts for your puppet shows

Master the art of writing exciting scripts for your puppet shows. Here are some of the best ideas that would help you write a great script for your shows.
In a ventriloquist act, a comedian uses a puppet, often referred to as a ventriloquist dummy, as a prop to perform a routine. Ventriloquism is all about creating an illusion, the more powerful the illusion, the better the show. A talented ventriloquist is able to control his lips while he talks to create the illusion that the sound is actually coming from the puppet's mouth. Typically a ventriloquist act is a solo act, so you need a lot of planning and practice before you go out on stage, because there won't be other performers for you to depend on. The script for your puppet show or ventriloquist act is going to play a vital role in making your performance a success.
Create a name and character for your ventriloquist dummy. Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen became famous for his dummy, "Charlie McCarthy". Similarly, Nina Conti, another ventriloquist is well known for her shows involving a monkey puppet. In many ventriloquist acts, the relationship between comedian and dummy is somewhat adversarial, allowing for some jokes made by the dummy at the ventriloquist's expense.

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