Saturday, 20 July 2013

Professional Caveman latex puppet with photos

Hi everyone! meet Gurumbom, my new caveman latex puppet. Gurumbom is famous for his daring stories about encounters with dangerous animals and hunting. He even speaks his own language.

Caveman latex puppet
Cavemman latex puppet

Professional caveman latex puppet
Caveman puppet

caveman latex puppet with foam stick
Caveman puppet with foam stick

This great looking puppet has a latex face, hands and feet. the fingers are bendable and can hold props. Gurumbom comes with a free foam stick. You better wear a helmet if you sit in the front row in my shows. Gurumbom comes with a custom made bag for all your travel shows. Gurumbom can speak his own language.
I have been using Gurumbom in many of my shows. This character will always get a laugh....

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