Saturday, 30 March 2013

How to use pinterest for marketing

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Few days ago I heard about the latest social media tool, Pinterest. So I did a bit of research and found that despite being relatively new to the show, it is one of the coolest and best things that had ever hit the social media board.

Using pinterest you can create some of the best and coolest and visually appealing graphics and tell your audience about your likes and interests or even products. When it comes to giving a lot of information quickly and in a single glance, nothing is best then pinterest. You might have heard the term "infographics", well combine infographics with power of social media and you have the Pinterest!
I was actually so obsessed with pinterest that i actually created my account and a board there.
If you want to see how i used this great tool for my puppets just click on this link :

Now let us discuss in detail how to use pininterest for marketing. For those who are in a hurry and want to grasp the idea quickly, please scroll down to the bottom, I placed an infographic there that would kind of quickly summarize the whole thing.

Let’s look at the inner scheme of Pinterest. It’s a huge virtual pinboard that allows people to look through interesting stuff, pin them and and leave comments below what was pinned. But we have to look deeper to see the real significance of this technology. What is Pinterest famous for? The great selling point of Pinterest that wins people over are its cool and captivating pictures. We are visual creatures and we love to look at beautiful pictures of people, nature, food, scenery, etc. On Pinterest, we pin what we like to see, and other people pin what they like to see. The trick here is to let your visuals get pinned as often as possible.

Every pin is a link to the source of the image, usually an external site – in this case, a link to your site. So every repin of the image can lead readers in a straight road back to your site. Talk about a crowd puller. Users who are searching for data may click on a nice-looking image, arrive at your website and may be converted from a simple passerby to the future customer and hopefully loyal fan. Moreover, if your pins are eye-catching and worthwhile, they may be repined by other pinners or even be embedded on your fans’ sites or blogs.

To gain confidence and loyalty you should neatly build your following on Pinterest. First of all, you have to create a good-looking account. It doesn’t matter if you activate the profile with your own name or with your company brand. But remember, people are more inclined to believe and follow individuals, not so much for companies, unless they are very popular and well-known brands.

You can tie your profile to the email which is used for your Twitter account, so you can quickly share pins in both social networks. To increase visibility, on your Profile picture, check ‘Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines’ and be sure that it’s ‘Off’. This will allow your page to be indexed in a search. Don’t forget to add the Pinterest social media button to your website, blog or portfolio and your Pinterest signature to your email These two tiny, but significant gestures will help you in promotion and to build your fan base.
Pinterest marketing
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Oh in case you forgot, here is what I have been doing with Pinterest:
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