Thursday 14 March 2013

10 best ways to expand your entertainment business using Facebook

Hello everyone! Today i would like to share some of the best methods to expand your entertainment business using Facebook. Facebook pages are a great way to attract visitors, increase your audience and then convert your visitors to buyers or customers. Now for that first you need to create a facebook business page which is a very simple process, in case you do not know how to create a facebook business page i will publish another post about how to do it. Okay, so let us come back to how to promote your entertainment business using your facebook page.
  1. Attract people, ask your friends and contacts to become fans
  2. I also recommend adding a Facebook "Like" box to your website. You can do so by going to Edit Page, Resources, Use Social Plugins and selecting Like Box. Fill in the fields and then click the Get Code button. After you copy the code and paste it into your company website, visitors can "Like" your Facebook page directly. Facebook's 'Social Plugins' section under 'Resources' has a number of useful tools for websites, too.
  3. After you start to grow your Facebook fan base, you can target a specific demographic. This may be the group most likely to become your fans--or you might want to focus on growing your customer base in other ways.
  4. Develop relationships with similar businesses. If you develop relationships with similar businesses on Facebook, they may provide information and useful links, or even refer people to your business and help in promoting it.
  5. Put your fan page URL in your email signature
  6. Write blog posts about your new fan page
  7. Ask your twitter and Google+ followers to join your fan page
  8. Put a fan page widget on your website or blog
  9. Put your fan page URL on your business cards
  10. Last and most important, keep your fan page updated!
Please leave your comments and feedback, you can also add something i have not mentioned here. Thank you.


  1. These are great tips, Naceur. I believe these are applicable to mostly anyone hoping to use Facebook as a way to expand their business. Another tip I would like to add is to make sure that the posts are as related to what you’re promoting. Interacting with visitors and commenters is good, but posting personal or unrelated topics to the business isn’t what potential clients are looking for.

    1. I totally agree with you Sage, and thank you so much for your valuable contribution :)

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