Saturday 16 March 2013

9 Best Clown Dog photos

1. Bowtie Clown

Bowtie Clown

2. Fuzzy Clown

Fuzzy Clown

3. Full Outfit Clown

Full Outfit Clown

4. Wizard Clown

Wizard Clown

5. Chow-Chow Clown

Chow-Chow Clown

6. Standing Clown

Standing Clown
Hey,what are you looking at!

7. Pug Clown

Pug Clown

8. Joker Clown

Joker Clown

9. Lets go U.S.A Clown

Lets go U.S.A Clown

1 comment:

  1. Aren't they sweet !? That reminds me my younger daughter learning First aid emergency at high school and practicing making bandages on our dog, which accepted it all with pleasure, apparently !