Saturday 2 February 2013

The absolute guide to performing outside

The best guide for performers who just got a show and have to to it outside

Performing outside could be a wonderful experience if you are equipped with the right kind of tips, tools and tricks. I know there could be lot of distractions but if you go in with the right kind of strategy everything would dance to your tunes! For performing outside you have to take care of everything right from start.

Get some knowledge about the venue and who is incharge, it would be great if you get his contact number
While you are preparing yourself, prepare your audience too, give them a checklist of things they should bring with themselves. It would  tell them how considerate you are and would also ensure that the audience is comfortable during the show.
Keep in mind that the outdoor venue or park may charge a fee

Ok, so that was the pre set up or booking phase, now let us move to the set up. The most important part of your show.

  • Always allow some extra time before your show to let the audience settle down and a bit of extra time after the show to let the pack up their stuff
  • In outdoor shows parking can be a problem, so make arrangements for that yourself and also inform your audience beforehand
  • The actual venue may be too far from the parking, so always bring a dolly and keep in mind your dolly may not work on grass
  • Try to make your set up as compact and simple as possible and try to make just one trip from your vehicle to venue
  • At times it may become a bit difficult to have control over the situation, in such a case, if the audience is having a great time just let yourself go with the flow
  • Background noise can be huge problem, so make sure your sound equipment would withstand the background noise
  • Its good to have a portable sound system with a battery and not a generator, the generator itself would produce a lot of noise and would be difficult to set up
  • Beware of the wind, it can carry sound to the wrong direction
  • Always make sure you have wind foam for your microphone
  • Dress appropriately and according to the situation, always bring a hat with you
  • Look for a shade, performing under direct sunlight would drain your energy quickly
  • Look for a tree or a bush, and have your back covered to reduce distractions
  • Bring plenty of water with yourself
  • And last, make sure you get paid before you leave. 

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