Wednesday, 27 February 2013

15 Compelling reasons to use puppets in your act

15 Compelling reasons to use puppets in your act:

  1. Use of Puppets Attracts your audience and Helps you get their attention
  2. Puppets creates an extension of your personality and helps you convey your feelings and emotions
  3. Use of puppets make it easy to explain facts
  4. Puppets Make show interesting and fascinating and stimulates human imagination
  5. A powerful tool to convey your message
  6. A very effective teaching method
  7. Use of puppets is very interactive
  8. Using a puppet can be a great way to help preschoolers transition from activity to activity.
  9. Using puppets during story time can be a great way to get young children involved in story time. Not only does using a puppet capture their attention it is also a great way to make the story come alive for preschoolers.
  10. Hands on is minds on Children learn experientially through getting visually, aurally and  kinaesthetically involved in a subject. Puppets are bright and colourful, tactile and moving
  11. Act as powerful communication tools. Talking about their ideas helps children clarify their thinking and develops their reasoning skills
  12. Model behaviours that teachers want to promote
  13. Bring more reticent children out of their shells, and help everyone become more expressive
  14. Become ‘ambassadors’ as well as friends, introducing children to new topics
  15. Become a confidant for younger children – they may respond directly to the puppet when they are unwilling to converse with the teacher directly.

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