Thursday, 2 May 2013

7 Great tips for a live puppet show

Hi there! Today I am going to give you some great tips I have learned from my experience about throwing a great live puppet show. Live shows are great, you have the flexibility of adjusting your content and length of your show and you have the option of communicating with your audience and responding to them.
Okay, lets get back to the "tips"and here are few tips I have used to improve my shows.
live puppets show

 Memorize your script. That is a must, the worst thing you can do in a show is forget your lines and end up saying something you should never or read a script during your performance. Memorize the script well and you will be breathing life into your puppet.
Memorizing a script can be tricky at times. I usually create a bullet list of important things and this always works for me. It allows me in moving from one point to other without forgetting important lines I have to use.
At times a routine is still difficult even if I make bullet points out of it, in that case I rewrite it. Works for me, may be would go fine with you as well. Give it a try. Rewrite it and make it comfortable for yourself.

Always be mindful of your audience. I always rewrite and modify my routines to suit my audience. A good routine can be rewritten to suit any age group. Something funny for a preschooler might be boring and dull for the 5th or 6th grader and vice virsa.

I always try to turn my routines to real conversations. Do not perform your skit word to word, practice it as if it is a real conversation and engage your audience. Ask your audience to repeat your words, or ask them interesting questions.

Know your audience, each one of the crowd has a personality and is unique in his own way. Quickly identify their personality and you would be better positioned to get their attention. 

Develop a personality for your puppet, ask yourself questions like How old is he?, Where is he from? What accent he has? his family, friends, birthday etc.

Make your transitions perfect. A good transition helps the audience move along with you and understand the message you are trying to convey.

Last but not the least, always remember, puppetry is an art that involves discipline, great stage presence, enthusiasm and perfect timing. Practice is the key to success. You can use these tips to enhance your performances, with a little extra degree of effort and hardwork you will soon become a pro :)

Good luck for your shows! :)

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