Thursday 9 May 2013

5 Great tips for a live magic show

Hi everyone!

As a performer I strongly feel that magicians are an important part of our community. Today I would like to share some helpful tips for a live magic show with you. A friend of mine, who is a magician himself, helped me write this post:

Practice as much as you can. Believe me, this is the main key to success. Practice helps makes your tricks polished, flawless and perfect in front of your audience. It doesn't matter how difficult a trick is, all that matters is how perfectly you executed it in front of your audience, something that can only be achieved through constant practice.

Keep your eyes on the audience. Keeping your eyes on your cards or props the entire time will not make a good impression on your audience. Keeping eye contact will help you understand your audience.

However don't just look at your audience the entire time, interact with them while you perform. Try to start a conversation and keep them engaged, make them a part of your act by asking for volunteers. Again this is something that can only come through practice and experience.

Try to create and maintain a sequence in your performance. Your tricks must be structured, where one trick would lead to another and so on. You can achieve this through the usage of a story or theme. Saving your best tricks for the end of the show is also a great idea.

Keep the anticipation alive. Always give the impression that something even greater is coming next. This helps you prevent anticlimax in your shows and keeps the audience on their feet, eagerly anticipating the next trick.

Illusion, distraction and misdirection are your best friends. They are as much a part of a magician's tools as his/her props are. If employed properly they will give your performance that final push towards perfection.

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