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Monkey Latex Puppet Script

Hi everybody!
Few days ago I shared some photos and description of my baby monkey latex puppet, I got a very positive feedback and I thank you all for visiting the blog.
Today I am going to share a script that can be used with the monkey latex puppet. Those who have missed the previous post can click HERE to get it.

Monkey Latex Puppet
Monkey Latex puppet script

Characters: Narrator, Chimpo (Boy Monkey puppet which makes a noise when you hit his nose), Sneeze-a-lot (Girl Monkey)

Props: Bananas, banana skins (the rest can be pretend)

Note: Words in quotation marks are spoken by the Narrator to the puppets or on behalf of the puppets.

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a deep, dark part of the jungle in Cambodia, there lived two little monkeys, Chimpo and Sneeze-a-lot.

“Chimpo! Chimpo!” Can you kids help me call out his name so we can find him?

(eventually Chimpo shows up, dancing around with a banana skin on his head until he falls over and his banana skin goes flying into the audience) “Chimpo, what have you been doing? You silly monkey!” (narrator taps Chimpo on the nose, and Chimpo says “Ouch” and shakes his head – this happens every time we say the words “you silly monkey”) Kids, can you say hello to Chimpo? Let’s say, “Hello Chimpo, you silly monkey” (as they do, the narrator taps Chimpo on the nose again, “Ouch”).

That was kind of fun! Shall we do that again? “Chimpo, you silly monkey” (taps him again, and again he says “Ouch”, maybe repeat this a few times if you get a good reaction)

“Chimpo, have you been getting yourself into trouble yet again?” (shakes his head).

Yes, as you can see, Chimpo was nearly always getting himself into trouble. Now when you’re getting into trouble, you always need someone sensible who can help you get out of trouble!

(Sneeze-a-lot comes out with a beautiful ribbon around her head and a big bow). “Hello Sneeze-a-lot” (she delicately waves and blows the narrator a kiss).

Sneeze-a-lot was Chimpo’s friend. She’s such a nice monkey isn’t she? Kids, can you say hello to Sneeze-a-lot, “Hello Sneeze-a-lot. What a lovely monkey!”

Now, Sneeze-a-lot and Chimpo both really like bananas (monkeys jump up and down when shown bananas). Does anyone here like bananas?

Well, Sneeze-a-lot had been asking Chimpo for a very long time when he was going to ask her over to his tree to eat bananas (Sneeze-a-lot makes signs like she’s asking to come over).

But Chimpo didn’t want her to come over because he was very messy and he didn’t want his friend Sneeze-a-lot to see how messy his tree was (Chimpo shakes his head, NO).

Then one day, Sneeze-a-lot said to Chimpo, “Stop being such a silly monkey!” (she taps him on the nose) What did she say? (kids repeat “Stop being such a silly monkey!”, tap Chimpo’s nose each time). That’s right. Sneeze-a-lot said to Chimpo “Stop being such a silly monkey! (taps his nose again) I’m sick of waiting and I’m coming over to your tree today at 10 o’clock. We’re going to eat bananas together, and you’re going to show me where you live.” (Sneeze-a-lot acts like she’s telling Chimpo off)

Well, as you can imagine, Chimpo was very worried about this (starts shaking and acting very scared) … but he knew better than to argue with Sneeze-a-lot.

He hardly had any time! He ran back to his tree and started to clean up a little (frantically runs around pretending to clean up). But before long, he heard Sneeze-a-lot’s voice saying, “Chimpo! Chimpo! I’m here! I’m coming up and I hope you’ve got those bananas ready!”

There was no time left. Chimpo couldn’t do anything else to clean up his messy tree. So he just sat down and waited for Sneeze-a-lot to climb up … which only took a second … you know how fast monkeys can climb!

When she arrived, the first thing she said was, “You have a lovely view from your tree Chimpo. I can’t believe how long it’s taken you to invite me over to your tree to eat bananas! But before we start eating, I’d like a tour of your tree because I’ve never been here before!”

Well, Chimpo knew better than to argue with Sneeze-a-lot so he said, “OK” and started the tour.

“This is where I sleep,” he said, pointing to one part of his tree. “And over here …”

But Sneeze-a-lot interrupted him and said, “You sleep on a big pile of banana skins?”

Chimpo was a little bit embarrassed, “Well, I had breakfast in bed today.”

“Hmmm,” said Sneeze-a-lot. “You really are a silly monkey! (taps him on the nose) You shouldn’t leave your food scraps in your bed because they go all yucky and can make you sick! Take those outside right now!”

So Chimpo cleaned up his bedroom and threw all the old smelly banana skins out of his tree.

“That’s much better,” said Sneeze-a-lot. “Now, let’s continue the tour.”

The next part of Chimpo’s tree they came to was his table. Now, let me tell you about Chimpo’s table! It had lots of dirty banana leaves stacked up as high as the next branch, with food scraps and little bugs crawling all over them … and it was really, really smelly!

Sneeze-a-lot said to Chimpo, “This is a mess! Don’t you ever clean up your table? Don’t you know how sick you can get from leaving this big mess here, you silly monkey (taps his nose again). You need to clean this up too!”

So Chimpo cleaned up his table, and threw all the old, smelly banana leaves out of his tree.

“That’s much better,” said Sneeze-a-lot. “Now, let’s continue the tour.”

“Well, there’s not much else to show you,” said Chimpo. “I only have a small tree … but it has a great view! How about we eat some yummy bananas now?”

By now, Sneeze-a-lot was getting really hungry so she said, “That sounds great Chimpo. Where can I wash my hands?”

“Well,” said Chimpo, “There’s a little stream just over there that you can use but why do you want to wash your hands? They look clean to me!”

Sneeze-a-lot was horrified and said, “Do you mean to tell me you don’t wash your hands before every meal, you silly monkey (taps his nose again). That’s so yucky! Don’t you know you can get very sick unless you wash your hands before every meal? You are such a silly monkey (taps his nose again).”

So both Sneeze-a-lot and Chimpo climbed down the tree, went over to the stream, and washed their hands.

“Now,” said Sneeze-a-lot as she and Chimpo climbed back up Chimpo’s tree. “Isn’t that much better? Let’s eat!”

“OK,” said Chimpo, “But I really need to go to the toilet first otherwise I might burst!”

By now, Sneeze-a-lot was even more hungry so she said, “Well, OK. But hurry up – I haven’t eaten for a long time and I’m really hungry for some yummy bananas.”

So Chimpo went over to where he had all his bananas and squatted down. Sneeze-a-lot was watching.

“Hey Chimpo. What are you doing?” she said. “I thought you were going to the toilet?”

“I am,” said Chimpo. “Can’t you give a little monkey some peace and quiet? I need to concentrate!”

Well, poor Ngala was just horrified! “Chimpo! I can’t believe you’re going to the toilet right next to the bananas we’re about to eat! You silly silly monkey (taps his nose many times). Don’t you know how sick you can get if you go to the toilet where you eat your food? Yucky yucky yucky!”

Chimpo stopped what he was doing and came back over to Sneeze-a-lot, “I’m sorry,” he said. “Sometimes I get hungry when I’m going to the toilet so I thought it might be nice to eat a few bananas at the same time. Maybe I’ll use my outside toilet from now on.”

Little Chimpo climbed down his tree and went off to find his other toilet while Sneeze-a-lot cleaned up the mess in his house. Because even though Chimpo said he’d cleaned things up, he really didn’t do a very good job.

First of all, she cleaned up where he was sleeping and made sure there weren’t any food scraps left, then she cleaned his table and threw out the mess he’d left behind. And lastly, she cleaned up where he had been going to the toilet.

When she’d finished all this cleaning, she climbed down out of the tree, went over to the stream, and washed her hands again just to make sure they were clean.

She arrived back just in time to find Chimpo sitting down in his beautifully clean tree. “Now can we eat some bananas? I even washed my hands on the way back!” said Chimpo.

“Yes,” said Sneeze-a-lot, “I think we’re ready to eat. Where you sleep is clean, where you eat is clean, we’ve both washed our hands, and where you go to the toilet is nowhere near your food … we’re ready.”

“OK good,” said Chimpo. “I don’t suppose you brought any bananas did you? I had a closer look when I was trying to go to the toilet the first time and all the ones I have are too green to eat!”

And can you guess what Sneeze-a-lot said? That’s right, “Chimpo!! You are a SILLY MONKEY! SILLY, SILLY SILLY!” (taps his nose each time).

- END -

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